KSrelief and UNICEF Collaborate to Improve Water Systems and Sanitation in Yemen's Marib

Kasturi Chakraborty
New Update
Saudi Arabia's KSrelief enhances living conditions for displaced individuals in Marib, Yemen.

Saudi Arabia's humanitarian aid agency, KSrelief, has launched seven crucial environmental sanitation projects in Yemen's Marib governorate, in collaboration with UNICEF. The focus of these projects is the establishment and renovation of water systems, which are vital for the well-being of displaced individuals and the host community.


As part of these initiatives, KSrelief is committed to upgrading the sanitation system at the community college camp, specifically catering to displaced individuals. This much-needed improvement will enhance the living conditions for those seeking refuge in Marib, contributing to their overall well-being.

Essential Renovations in Harib

In Harib, a town in Marib governorate, KSrelief's projects extend to renovating the water system, main water tank, and line pump. These essential upgrades are aimed at improving water access and distribution, benefiting not only displaced individuals but also members of the host community. In total, approximately 145,000 people will reap the rewards of these initiatives.


Appreciation for Humanitarian Efforts

Abd-Rabbu Miftah, deputy governor of Marib, expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the humanitarian efforts led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through KSrelief. He emphasized the significance of these projects in alleviating the suffering of those in need in Yemen, particularly in Marib, where displaced and affected families are striving to rebuild their lives amid challenging circumstances.

Supporting Yemeni Fishermen


KSrelief's humanitarian reach extends beyond water projects. The agency has distributed fishing equipment, including containers and life vests, to Yemeni fishermen in Al-Mahrah governorate. This initiative is part of an emergency assistance project conducted in cooperation with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. By providing support to 3,000 fishermen, the project not only boosts the local market with high-quality seafood products but also enhances the living conditions of these individuals.

A Lifeline for Healthcare

In addition to its sanitation and aid endeavors, KSrelief recently concluded the three-day Saudi Pulse campaign at Al-Ghaydah Central Hospital in Al-Mahra governorate. The campaign was designed to offer crucial medical services, including diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization procedures and open-heart surgery. The hospital received more than 20 patients daily, highlighting the pressing need for such medical support. Mohammed Ali Yasser, governor of Al-Mahrah, expressed his gratitude to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for organizing campaigns like Saudi Pulse. These initiatives provide a lifeline to patients in the governorate, ensuring access to essential healthcare services that would otherwise be challenging to obtain.