U.S. Central Command Captures Key ISIS Facilitator in Syria Helicopter Raid

Geeta Pillai
New Update

In a significant blow to the Islamic State (ISIS), U.S. forces have apprehended Mamduh Ibrahim al-Haji Shaykh, identified as a key facilitator for the terrorist group. The operation was carried out on September 28 by forces of the U.S. Central Command, utilizing a helicopter raid in northern Syria. No civilian casualties were reported, indicating the meticulous planning and execution of the operation.


U.S. Central Command's Anti-ISIS Efforts

U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) has been leading the fight against ISIS in Syria, where it has 900 troops deployed primarily in the northeast. Working closely with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a U.S.-trained Kurdish and Arab militia, CENTCOM has been conducting operations aimed at eliminating ISIS leaders and disrupting their networks.

Major Operations and Successes


As of July 2023, CENTCOM, in partnership with other forces, had successfully neutralized at least five ISIS leaders or senior officials, and captured six others. All these operations were carried out in Syria, showcasing the commitment of the U.S. and its allies in eradicating the ISIS threat.

Among the significant operations was the capture of an ISIS Syrian provincial media and security operative on January 18, who was involved in planning and facilitating ISIS operations both inside and outside the region. Similarly, on April 4, a senior ISIS leader planning attacks in Europe was neutralized in a drone strike. The death of the leader was expected to disrupt the terrorist organization’s ability to plot external attacks.

Continued Threat from ISIS


Despite these successes, ISIS remains a threat, particularly to the region, but also beyond. The group retains the capability to conduct operations in Iraq and Syria, and has expressed intentions to strike beyond the Middle East. Its ideology continues to pose a significant challenge to peace and stability.

However, the consistent operations against ISIS, such as the capture of Shaykh, reaffirm the commitment of the U.S. and its partners to the enduring defeat of ISIS. These operations aim not just to eliminate key figures within the organization, but also disrupt their operations and networks.

Implications of the Capture

The capture of Shaykh is significant as it strikes at the heart of ISIS operations. He was identified as having relationships throughout the ISIS network in the region, and his capture is expected to increase the effectiveness of U.S. counterterrorism operations. It will likely lead to the identification and targeting of more members of the group, further destabilizing ISIS and its operations.