Joana Marques: The First Portuguese Comedian to Take Center Stage at Altice Arena

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Joana Marques: Headlining at Altice Arena

Joana Marques, a renowned humorist and author, is set to be the first Portuguese comedian to perform solo at the country's largest venue, Altice Arena, located in Lisbon. The show, entitled "Desconfia" (Distrust), is uniquely billed as "the biggest demotivation event in the world" and is slated to take place on March 23, 2024. Despite the seemingly pessimistic theme, tickets for the event sold out rapidly after going on sale on September 12, reflecting a keen interest in Marques' unconventional comedic approach.

Embracing Failure: The Essence of Desconfia


Marques explained in an interview that she did not perceive the show as a risk. Instead, she highlighted the ironic dichotomy it presented. If the show didn't sell out, it would only underscore her point about life's inevitable failures and the illusion that we can achieve whatever we set our minds to - a narrative often pushed by life coaches. On the other hand, if the show did sell out, it would suggest that there are others who, like her, find value in this anti-help perspective.

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Ticket Prices and Marques' Anti-Help Stance


Ticket prices for "Desconfia" varied, ranging from €27 for unassigned balcony seating to €80 for VIP seating that included a coaching session. Intermediate prices were also on offer for different seating areas. Marques, who has also penned the anti-help book "Everything Is Going to Go Wrong", had been sharing aspirational and inspirational messages on social media leading up to the announcement of the show.

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Joana Marques' upcoming performance at Altice Arena is a testament to her growing influence in the comedy world. Her unique stance on failure and demotivation presents a refreshing perspective in a culture often obsessed with success and achievement. The rapid sell-out of "Desconfia" is a clear indication that her approach resonates with many, and we can only anticipate that her performance will be as thought-provoking as it is humorous.

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