CJF President Piña Hernández Promotes Unity and Social Consciousness in Judiciary

María Alejandra Trujillo
New Update
Mexican Judiciary Chief Stresses Transparency and Empathy in Judicial Operations

Norma Lucía Piña Hernández, the President of the Federal Judiciary Council (CJF) and the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) in Mexico, recently underscored the need for public awareness pertaining to the Federal Judicial Power's (PJF) operations. This emphasis came during a meeting with judicial officials from Aguascalientes, a state located in the central part of the country.


Emphasizing Empathy and Social Consciousness

Piña Hernández reiterated the empathetic and socially conscious nature of judicial work, a factor she believes is essential for the functioning of the judiciary. She stated that the past year had been particularly productive, fostering a deep sense of unity within the PJF. As part of her commitment, Piña Hernández has engaged in at least 15 work meetings with jurisdictional body heads across 10 states, meeting with over 700 judges and around 18,000 public servants from the CJF.

The XVIII General Assembly of the Mexican Association of Justice Providers (AMIJ)


Furthering her dedication to the judiciary and its transparency, Piña Hernández inaugurated the XVIII General Assembly of the Mexican Association of Justice Providers (AMIJ). The event was attended by Aguascalientes Governor Teresa Jiménez Esquivel.

Commitment to Citizen Services and Transparency

The efforts of Piña Hernández resonate with an ongoing commitment to improve services provided to citizens and enhance transparency within the judiciary. This is a crucial aspect of the Federal Judicial Power's activities, as it seeks to maintain public trust and uphold the principles of justice. The work of Piña Hernández, and her dedication to transparency and public engagement, illustrate the strength of her commitment and the potential for continued progress within Mexico's judiciary.