Lula says social welfare program will require children's vaccination certificate

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President Lula da Silva stated that the popular social welfare program "Bolsa Familia" will require conditions for receiving the benefit, such as proof of vaccination for children.


He also announced an investment of US$ 115 million to reduce queues for elective surgeries in the public health system.

′′ We've had the biggest vaccine denial campaign in recent times. I had never imagined that a President of the Republic would be able to lie about the benefits of the vaccine, involving religion, the poorest people, saying that people who took the vaccine would become something. There was no lie that was not told to prevent the people from taking the vaccine ”, he pointed out, in reference to former president Jair Bolsonaro.

Lula also highlighted that the former president is responsible for more than half of the people who died from covid-19 in Brazil and appealed to the population to get vaccinated effectively.


“At least 350,000 or 400,000 deaths from covid-19 could have been avoided. But it was not. Now, we just have to mourn what happened in Brazil, mourn for the victims and extend an invitation to all of you. For God's sake! We cannot be a people who doubt the efficiency of vaccines. A mother who does not authorize her child to receive the vaccine against infantile paralysis, against measles, rubella does not love her child!”

Lula stated that the vaccine is a topic that must be treated seriously, as it is a scientific issue.

“I keep asking myself what kind of love this mother has for her son that she doesn't take care of him in the most important moment of life, that he can be vaccinated and can avoid many diseases. We cannot be reckless, it is a question of science ”, he reinforced.


′′If they have to apply 10 or 50 covid vaccines to me, I will accept all that are necessary because I like my life. And I think that everyone has to like their children's lives. Taking care of children at the right age,” he said.

“It is for this reason that the 'Bolsa Familia' social welfare program is returning, but it is returning with conditions. Children up to six years of age will receive additional financial resources.

Children have to be at school, if they are not at school, the mother loses the benefit. Children have to be vaccinated, if they are not, they will lose the benefit.


A mother who is pregnant has to do all the exams that medicine requires so that she can have a robust, strong and beautiful child ”, he concluded.

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