Fashion Designer Rohit Bal Placed on Ventilator Support After Heart Failure; Condition Described as Critical

Nitish Verma
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Fashion Icon Rohit Bal Hospitalized in Critical Condition: A Wake-Up Call for Heart Health in India

In the realm of high fashion, a sense of dread pervades as eminent designer Rohit Bal battles heart failure at Medanta Hospital, Delhi NCR. As of Monday, the 61-year-old doyen of Indian fashion remains on ventilator support, with his health marked as critical. Bal's life hangs in a precarious balance as he confronts the triple onslaught of dilated cardiomyopathy, uncontrolled diabetes, and acute kidney failure.


Medical History Intensifies Current Health Crisis

The current crisis is not Bal's first encounter with cardiac issues. In 2010, he suffered a heart attack, leading to an emergency angioplasty. The health complications persisted, culminating in his hospitalization last November. This time, his heart failure has led to an alarming situation, with cardiologist Dr. Praveen Chandra monitoring his condition closely.

An Iconic Career Shadowed by Health Struggles


Despite his health complications, Rohit Bal's legacy in the world of fashion remains unparalleled. Known for his distinctive usage of lotus and peacock motifs, his dedication to preserving and promoting Kashmiri craftsmanship won him global acclaim. However, Bal's deteriorating health over the past year has seen him withdraw from the public eye, casting an uncertain cloud over his illustrious career.

Heart Failure in India: A Growing Concern

As Rohit Bal's health crisis unfolds, it brings to light a broader issue - the rising incidence of heart failure in India, particularly among those under 65. Prevention and early detection, through awareness of symptoms and risk factors, are crucial in managing heart health, reducing complications, and mitigating economic impacts.