Macron's Stance on Immigration and the Future of France

BNN Correspondents
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Macron's Rigorous Approach to Immigration


French President Emmanuel Macron has underscored the necessity for a stringent approach towards immigration. According to Macron, France's social model is unable to accommodate all the world's poverty, indicating the need for a selective approach to immigration. He also suggested that Europe has a responsibility to aid Italy in managing immigration issues, given the country's geographical position as a primary entry point for migrants into the continent.

Proposed Immigration Law in France

Macron detailed a new immigration law that aligns with European standards, accelerates procedures, and implements effective policies for individuals who cannot remain in the country. The proposed law is aimed at addressing the situation of undocumented workers in sectors experiencing labor shortages, indicating a pragmatic approach to immigration issues.


International Decisions and Domestic Challenges

On the international front, Macron announced the decision to withdraw France's ambassador from Niger and cease military cooperation with the country. On the domestic front, Macron acknowledged the decreasing purchasing power of the French and emphasized job creation as a solution, with two million jobs created since 2017.

Addressing Inflation and Fuel Prices


In the face of rising inflation, Macron expressed his opposition to linking all wages to prices. Instead, he proposed consultations with industry representatives to discuss their margins. He also assured that the government would request that fuel price margins not be exploited and that gasoline be sold at cost.

Commitment to Ecological Transition

Macron emphasized France's commitment to ecological transition, stating that taxes serve to finance this transition rather than cause price increases. He announced that France would be among the first European countries to phase out coal, with its remaining two coal power plants set to be fully converted to biomass by 2027. This ecological transition also includes a push for electric cars as part of the country's transformation.


Future of Gas Boilers and Heat Pumps

While there are no plans to ban gas boilers, Macron expressed support for the production of heat pumps. These devices, which are efficient and cost-saving, are expected to be produced in triple the current amount. This move aligns with France's commitment to green energy and reducing its carbon footprint.

Looking Ahead

Macron refrained from speculating about the 2027 presidential elections, choosing instead to focus on current geopolitical issues, reindustrialization, health, and education. His stance on immigration and commitment to economic and ecological issues provide a glimpse into the future direction of France under his leadership.