Colombian Woman Ends 20-Year Relationship with Ghost Over Frightening Appearance

Sakchi Khandelwal
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An Unconventional Love Story


Paola Flórez, a woman from Colombia, has recently shared an extraordinary tale of love and fear on the popular TV show 'Sin Carreta', broadcasted on the state-owned channel Canal 1. According to her account, she had been in a passionate relationship with a ghost for over twenty years. This supernatural romance was far from typical. It began when Flórez was a young girl and continued for decades, with nightly visits from the ghostly figure.

Flórez shared that it was always the spirit who initiated their intimate encounters. Over time, she confessed to falling in love with the ghost, leading to a passionate, two-decade-long relationship. However, the relationship took a turn for the worse when Flórez finally saw the ghost's face.

A Frightening Revelation


The woman described the ghost as a large male figure with fangs and a face resembling a gargoyle. This terrifying sight shocked Flórez and led her to decide she no longer wanted any contact with the spirit. “The last time I saw his face was when I didn’t want to continue,” she confessed.

Her unusual story has sparked various reactions from professionals in the field. Psychologist Martiza Montealegre stated that Flórez's case was "not at all common" and suggested that it might involve a demonic entity. On the other hand, parapsychologist Jairo Urbex believed Flórez's account to be credible. He suggested that she was probably in a relationship with an "incubus" - a lower-astral entity known for extracting energy from people.

Public Reactions


The public has voiced mixed reactions to Flórez's tale. Some believe her story, while others are skeptical. Comments ranged from attributing the spirit to a satanic entity to jokingly suggesting that it was a neighbour with a sheet over his head. Regardless of the varied opinions, Flórez's unusual love story has undeniably stirred a mix of disbelief, humor, and intrigue among the public.

Uncharted Territory

Stories like Flórez's serve as a reminder of the enigmatic and often unexplored dimensions of the human experience. The boundaries between reality and the supernatural can blur, leading to fascinating and sometimes unsettling narratives. Whether one believes in the existence of spirits or not, Flórez's tale of a two-decade-long relationship with a ghost is indeed a unique one.