Edmonton Malls in Grip of Gun Violence: Public Safety Concerns Heightened

Sakchi Khandelwal
New Update
Edmonton police say a man reportedly shot a person and carjacked a vehicle in the parking lot outside Kingsway Mall.

Edmonton has witnessed a surge in gun-related incidents leading to lockdowns in two of its major malls, Kingsway Mall and West Edmonton Mall, in just a matter of days. The grim reality of escalating gun violence is pervading the city's public spaces, triggering unease amongst its denizens and raising questions about public safety measures.


Gun Violence Shakes Kingsway Mall

In the most recent incident on Tuesday night, a man was shot in the parking lot outside Kingsway Mall during an attempted robbery. The assailant, subsequently identified as Dakota Jackson Grey, 28, then commandeered a vehicle before crashing it into a nearby building. The prompt action of Edmonton police resulted in Grey's arrest and the recovery of a firearm from the vehicle. The suspect is now facing over 20 criminal charges, including robbery with a firearm, aggravated assault, and dangerous driving. This incident caused a mall-wide lockdown, heightening the palpable tension amongst shoppers and employees alike.

West Edmonton Mall: Another Lockdown


Days prior to this, Edmonton police responded to a weapons complaint at West Edmonton Mall resulting in another lockdown. A male suspect was located and taken into custody. Although no shots were fired and no one was injured, the incident underscored the growing concern over public safety in the city's bustling commercial hubs.

Addressing the Rising Gun Violence

As gun-related violence escalates, Mayor Amarjeet Sohi and Alberta's Minister of Public Safety, Mike Ellis, have called for urgent governmental intervention. They are advocating for more stringent gun laws and an overhaul of social infrastructure to tackle organized crime. This wave of violence, especially in public spaces like malls, has sparked fears about the impact on shoppers' sense of safety and retail traffic, particularly during the festive holiday season.

In response to these incidents, experts have underscored that while these events may adversely affect people's perceptions of safety, Edmonton remains fundamentally safe. Yet, the recent spate of violence serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to bolster public safety measures and address the root causes of crime.