Advertisment Offers 'Consentless' Plan Amid Cookie Concerns; Mount Marapi Eruption Claims Lives

Quadri Adejumo
New Update Offers 'Consentless' Plan Amid Cookie Concerns; Mount Marapi Eruption Claims Lives

Italian news website,, in a pioneering move, is offering its users a choice concerning cookies and tracking. The 'Consentless' plan, an affordable subscription, allows users who decline profiling and tracking cookies to access the website. This plan, along with others, is part of's commitment to offer a variety of content and subscription plans tailored to different user needs. For 16.99/year, subscribers can read all headlines and 10 articles every 30 days.


Choice and Flexibility for Users

Users who change their minds about cookies can opt to accept profiling and tracking cookies, which opens them to the basic service. This allows them to read all the headlines and 10 articles every 30 days. The acceptance of these cookies enables and its selected third parties to use the information for personalized ads and content, market research, and service improvements. For a comprehensive understanding of's services, users can refer to the frequently asked questions section or reach out to customer support via email or phone.

Tragedy Strikes Western Indonesia


In other news, the eruption of Mount Marapi in Western Indonesia has resulted in a tragic loss. At least 11 hikers have lost their lives, and three others were rescued by search teams working overnight. The volcano's eruption sent a 3,000-meter ash plume into the sky, raining volcanic debris on nearby villages. Of the 75 hikers on the mountain over the weekend, 26 have not been evacuated, with 14 found so far, including the deceased and survivors. Twelve people remain missing, while 49 have been brought to safety and hospitalized.

Headlines From Around the Globe

In global news, pharmaceutical giant Merck has announced a license agreement with Abbisko Therapeutics Co Ltd for pimicotinib ABSK021, a Phase III study for the treatment of tenosynovial giant cell tumor TGCT. This collaboration is a significant milestone in advancing the global commercialization process of pimicotinib. Additionally, four Egyptian security officers are set to stand trial for the torture and homicide of Italian student Giulio Regeni in Cairo in 2016, with the trial scheduled to open on February 20, 2024. Meanwhile, Thales has completed the acquisition of Imperva, marking a major step in cybersecurity. The merger of the Netrisk Group and Bauer Media Group has created a leading Online Comparison Platform business in Central and Eastern Europe.