Colombian National Arrested in Ecuador in Connection with Quito Car Bombing

María Alejandra Trujillo
New Update

A Colombian national was arrested in Ecuador in a police operation connected to a car bomb that detonated in Quito on Wednesday night. In an unusual incident in the capital of Ecuador, a vehicle exploded in a commercial area. Fortunately, there were no casualties reported.


The blast was caused by the activation of two gas cylinders, fuel, a slow fuse, and possibly blocks of dynamite. The authorities have managed to control the vehicular fire, and there have been no reports of any affected individuals. Additionally, the police are currently investigating reports of another burned vehicle in Quito. The city has been experiencing a surge in violence related to drug trafficking.

President Lasso: Police Investigating Explosion in Ecuadorian Capital

The head of state, Guillermo Lasso stated on Twitter that the police are investigating whether the explosion was an accident or a deliberate act. Such incidents are uncommon in the Ecuadorian capital, with the last notable incident occurring in January 2018 when a car bomb targeted a police station near the Colombian border, resulting in minor injuries and property damage.


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On Wednesday, the police released photographs on the X network showing a destroyed car. They mentioned that individuals had abandoned the parked vehicle and that a slow fuse device was found.

According to the institution, two individuals riding a motorcycle allegedly threw a flammable liquid, resulting in the explosion of a car containing two gas cylinders. Fortunately, no casualties were reported.


Car Bombings in Guayaquil Spark Fear of Capital Attack

Last year, a number of car bombs detonated in the port city of Guayaquil, leading residents to fear a similar attack in the capital. General Ramírez stated that the attack was a retaliatory response from organized crime in light of several prisoner transfers that took place on Wednesday.

There are suspicions that this incident may be specifically linked to the transfer of a notorious criminal leader known as "Gordo Luis" to the La Roca maximum security prison, which is located near Guayaquil. The explosion occurred at the former headquarters of the National Comprehensive Care Service (SNAI) for Persons Deprived of Liberty, the government agency responsible for the control and custody of Ecuador's prisons.

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