Who Really Controls Twitter? Not Elon Musk

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Twitter Grapples with Account Suspensions and Inconsistent Statements from Safety Head Ella Irwin

Mr. Chahal, the founder of BNN Breaking, has experienced a suspension of his Twitter account with over 510,000 followers since February 25th, likely due to a hacking incident similar to the one that impacted the account of Nepal's Prime Minister.

Mr. Chahal has been unable to access his account, @gchahal, or submit an appeal, as the email address linked to his account seems to have been altered.

Twitter account suspended

The next day his wife's account, an Indian actress, @bajwarubina24 was targeted and suspended without any reason.

Her account was merely reporting BNN stories during the Nigerian election that day, since Mr. Chahal's account was unavailable.


As the North American Fella Organization (NAFO) targeted conservative Twitter accounts and with Twitter's source code being leaked, numerous users faced mass suspensions after merely posting about the now cancelled "'Trans Day of Vengeance" rally in DC, following the Nashville school shooting.

NAFO-controlled Twitter accounts now openly discuss mass-reporting strategies and encourage others to create "sock" accounts if they have been "banned."


This specific NAFO-run account brags about taking down a "MAGA" account.

Another user, @haroldlogan568 faced suspension due to a "bonking" campaign orchestrated by the same NAFO-affiliated account.


This user known as @sleeping_kali has been repeatedly targeting BNN accounts since last year.


However, it seems that Twitter Safety has not any taken action against the deceitful and damaging actions of this individual and their affiliated group, which clearly breach Twitter's Terms of Service.

Ella Irwin, Head of Twitter Safety, has demonstrated inconsistency in her statements on her own Twitter account, raising doubts about her awareness of the platform's actual "security" and "safety."

Twitter account hacked
@sleeping_kali responds to another NAFO user, pointing out that despite getting @gchahal's personal account "suspended", the accounts associated with his business entities still remained active.

The open-platform manipulation of our founder's accounts are even widely discussed across the NAFO-run community, with no repercussions imposed by Twitter Safety.

On March 7th, our founder had even reached out to #TwitterFiles very own journalist Michael Shellenberger for support.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing our BNN article in your thread on the German climate activists.

I thought you might be interested in our follow-up piece on #TwitterFiles17, as it relates to BNN's Twitter account, my foundation's @ChahalNonProfit shut down…and most recently the targeted attack on my own account @gchahal, along with my wife's @bajwarubina24 last week.

Let me know if you would like to discuss this further.


After reading our article, Michael inquired to our founder if he would consider writing a piece on the topic further. However, no further communication occurred, and it is unclear whether Mr. Shellenberger was advised to disengage.

BNN has sought the reinstatement of its accounts through legal representation. Our latest request, sent Thursday, indicated that a formal lawsuit would be our subsequent course of remedy.

On March 15th, Mrs. Rubina Bajwa-Chahal, as a board member of the Chahal Foundation, contacted Ella Irwin and received the following response:

"Your account was suspended due to ongoing and persistent spam activity, which impacted more than a million users on our platform. For your specific account, you engaged in ongoing daily and sometimes hourly mention and reply spam of high follower accounts. For your related accounts, we have evidence of numerous violations of our spam policies including fake engagement and coordinated activity to boost virality of content, duplication of content at scale, mention spam, reply spam, targeted harassment, and multiple other violations."

"We will not be reinstating this specific account or any additional related accounts other than the ones we have already reinstated recently based on their eligibility for a second chance, which you mentioned below, and we will monitor the accounts we reinstated to ensure that they no longer engage in any platform manipulation or spam."

BNN was unsure how to even interpret Ms. Irwin's response or what she might be even referring to.

Mrs. Rubina Bajwa-Chahal, an actress, primarily used her account to share BNN stories and news about her upcoming films. This reply implies that Ella Irwin did not investigate any accounts before responding nor examine the history of the attacks triggered on her own account as a result of "predatory" rape threats from NAFO as recently as January.

On March 18th, through mass-reporting, NAFO-operated accounts "re-suspended" @BNNBreaking, Chahal Foundation's @chahalnonprofit, @belimitlesscom accounts, and @gchahal's corporate accounts @procurenet, a B2B Supply Chain Marketplace and @medriva, a medical device manufacturer serving the developing world. Additionally, they targeted RedLotus, concentrating on its regional accounts of the advertising company, despite the fact that these accounts had not shared any content for years and lacked any publicly available information to even follow them.

This raises questions: how did the RedLotus accounts initially come to light, did the perpetrators possess wider access within Twitter, and how many people took part in coordinating this synchronized attack?

Gchahal's account suspended

Over the following days, additional BNN accounts became "reinstated," encompassing some that were attacked on March 18th.

BNN accounts suspended

Despite their "reinstatement," these accounts persisted in a "suspended" state.

The BNN team submitted multiple requests for the same accounts, receiving repeated "reinstatement" notifications, yet still being in a "suspended" state.

Clearly these systems are not working.

Not only were we, as a news organization, subjected to targeting, but another longstanding Iowa newspaper that has been in existence for 165 years also experienced a similar fate. However, after persistently appealing and receiving support from a Senator and Congresswoman, Twitter finally acknowledged their error and "reinstated" their account.

It is evident that Twitter's systems are broken when even a prominent #TwitterFiles journalist feels compelled to seek support by tweeting for the reinstatement of a colleague's account, who was "permanently suspended."

Twitter's platform struggles to identify "mass-reporting" vulnerabilities and other significant security concerns, with no apparent "internal company" desire to resolve these issues, even for larger accounts like our founder's, which had over 510,000 followers and remains suspended. This includes his foundation and business organizations that depend on the platform to disseminate vital information.

Ella Irwin seems oblivious to hacker organizations led by cyber terrorist groups such as NAFO and other malicious "third-party actors" that have troubled the platform, as reported in our #BNNFiles series.

Ms. Irwin has grown increasingly unaware, to the point where she has permitted the very organization that targeted #BNN, mass-reported our primary and associated accounts to still maintain a counterfeit parody BNN news network on Twitter, aimed at undermining the BNN brand.


"Third-party actors" employ a systematic mass-reporting strategy to trigger account suspensions across social media platforms, generate spammy backlinks to have websites de-indexed on Google/Bing, and seize control over Wikipedia pages in "protected" mode to establish a negative narrative on any subject, ultimately aiming to govern and manipulate the discourse."

When combined in unison, this information war, reaches new levels of danger, and leaves Truth even harder to decipher.

The list below features domains connected to BNN and its founder, which were swarmed with thousands of spammy backlinks, sometimes known as "negative SEO". To tackle this, our tech teams had to "disavow" these links from all search engines.

Spam attack

These organized efforts, masterminded by the same cyber-terrorist group, sought to have Google/Bing "de-index" the websites from their search results.

They managed to only remove BNN's search results from Bing. Our technical teams and legal advisors have been collaborating with Bing's team to now resolve the issue.


Given that Twitter's source code had been leaked for months, it is clear that these third party actors now have even greater access.

It should now become evident on who holds the most power on Twitter.

The insane asylum.

P.S. Our commitment to upholding the values of the First Amendment and protecting others from similar harm is unwavering. Additionally, we also invested $2.3 million+ in ads through the affected BNN, corporate and non-profit accounts in the past year. This situation highlights the current state of customer service in this post-Elon Musk Twitter 2.0 era, where legal action seems to be the only way to resolve basic customer issues.

UPDATE: Following the publication of this article and its dissemination across various media platforms, our website experienced another attack that lasted for three hours.


This is not the first time we've encountered such an incident, as we faced a similar attack on March 21st, all while the perpetrators openly celebrated it on Twitter.

We are currently working with our teams, law enforcement, and legal advisors to determine the appropriate course of action and implement measures to prevent any future disruptions.

UPDATE: Surprisingly, even the organization who has been mass-reporting our accounts since last year, later hacked the BNN's website, and publicly claimed responsibility, are even taken aback by how our founder's account remains in a "suspended" state with Twitter showing no signs of taking action.

This alone should prove how vulnerable and outdated Twitter's own security systems are, along with the apparent negligence in addressing this issue.