Sky Energy Africa Leads Malawi's Electric Vehicle Revolution Towards a Greener Future

Quadri Adejumo
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Sky Energy Africa, a local renewable energy start-up launched by 33-year-old entrepreneur Schizzo Thomson, is set to become the first electric vehicle (EV) dealer in Malawi.


Thomson envisions the EVs not just keeping Malawians moving amid the biting fuel scarcity, but also cutting air pollution and carbon emissions that fuel climate-related disasters.

Speaking from the company’s new head office in Naperi Township, Blantyre, he said it is just a matter of weeks before the country’s first EV vehicle goes on sale in Malawi.

He explained: “Sky Energy has taken a pioneering step towards a sustainable future by introducing electric vehicles to its portfolio in Malawi.


“As a trailblazer in clean energy technologies, Sky Energy is proud to be the first company in the region to bring EVs to the market. Our lineup includes renowned brands such as Citroen, Wuling Air, BYD and Tesla, showcasing our commitment to providing diverse and cutting-edge solutions for eco-conscious transportation.

The addition of EVs boosts the sustainable energy firm’s mission to drive positive environmental impact and promote a greener tomorrow for the country.

The vehicles come with fast chargers that guarantee users 350 kilometres after a single charge.


Thomson explained: “One of the significant advantages of our EVs is the incorporation of a dual charging system, which empowers our customers with the flexibility to conveniently charge their vehicles at home using standard charging outlets, ensuring hassle-free daily use.

“This rapid charging capability not only minimises downtime but also caters to longer journeys, enhancing the practicality and versatility of our electric vehicles.”

Sky Energy plans to install recharging points in strategic places in all the cities.

“This strategic network of fast chargers will not only facilitate seamless long-distance travel, but also contribute to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, making sustainable transportation a viable and accessible choice for all,” said Thomson.

In the 2023/24 National Budget, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Sosten Gwengwe removed taxes on importation of electric motor vehicles and electric motor vehicle charging systems.