TOSTEM's Innovation in Thailand: A Game-Changer in the Housing Equipment Industry

BNN Correspondents
New Update

A New Landmark for Innovation


TOSTEM, an esteemed Japanese brand renowned for its housing equipment, has taken a significant stride with the launch of its Innovation Center in Thailand. This newly established center is envisioned to not only showcase TOSTEM's expertise and vast product range but also serve as an educational hub for professionals and students in the industry.

Immersive Experience in Bangkok

The Innovation Center, spread over 400 square meters in the heart of Bangkok, offers an immersive experience to its visitors. With over 500 TOSTEM products on display, including window frames, entrance doors, and balcony doors, customers can get a comprehensive understanding of the brand's offerings. The center is much more than a mere showroom; it is designed to be an educational platform for architects, designers, and students to stay updated with the latest trends in the housing equipment industry.


Focusing on Sustainability

One of the key aspects the center emphasizes is the importance of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. This focus reflects TOSTEM's commitment to sustainability and its efforts to contribute to a greener future. By showcasing such products, the brand aims to raise awareness among its customers and the broader public about the significance of opting for sustainable solutions in the housing industry.

Strengthening Market Position


The establishment of the Innovation Center is a strategic move by TOSTEM to solidify its position in the Thai market. The brand is eyeing the growing demand for high-quality housing equipment in Thailand and sees this center as a means to cater to that demand effectively. Additionally, the center forms a part of TOSTEM's broader strategy to expand its footprint in the Southeast Asian region.

Annual Visitor Expectation

TOSTEM's Innovation Center is expected to pull in more than 2,000 visitors each year. It aims to provide a space where customers can closely observe and understand the brand's products before making a purchase. This approach aligns with TOSTEM's customer-centric strategy and emphasizes the brand's commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.


Expanding Reach in Southeast Asia

The inauguration of TOSTEM's Innovation Center in Bangkok is a significant milestone for the brand. It marks the brand's ambitious plans to broaden its reach and influence in the Southeast Asian market. The center serves as a comprehensive display of the brand's products and as a hub for learning and innovation in the housing equipment industry.


In conclusion, TOSTEM's Innovation Center is a revolutionary step that demonstrates the brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. By providing an immersive experience for its visitors, the center is set to redefine the way customers interact with housing equipment and pave the way for a sustainable future in the industry.