Advertisment Unveils Visual Match: Revolutionizing Mobile App Testing, a leading scriptless automation platform, launches Visual Match, an advanced feature dedicated to enhancing the testing of visual components in mobile apps, streamlining debugging and boosting the testing process's efficiency and reliability.

Hadeel Hashem
New Update Unveils Visual Match: Revolutionizing Mobile App Testing

In a bold stride towards enhancing mobile application testing,, a pioneer in scriptless automation platforms, unveiled Visual Match, a new feature dedicated to the meticulous examination of visual components in mobile apps. This feature, aimed at simplifying the convoluted process of debugging code issues linked to images and other visual facets, particularly within sophisticated UI frameworks employed by modern applications such as React, Angular, or Vue.js, is set to revolutionize software testing.


Enhanced Precision with Visual Match

Visual Match's unique selling point is its ability to allow software testers to fine-tune click targets in their automated test steps. This elevated precision not only bolsters the reliability of the testing process but also enhances its efficiency, thereby offering a new dimension of accuracy in scenarios where traditional identifiers fall short.

A Comprehensive Solution for Test Maintenance


This innovative tool blends seamlessly with Sofy's existing features, offering a holistic solution for test maintenance that minimizes the dependence on code. It leverages artificial intelligence for no-code automation, underscoring Sofy's dedication to integrating advanced technology into its platform.

Visual Match: A Commitment to Innovation

The introduction of Visual Match reaffirms Sofy's commitment to equipping developers with groundbreaking solutions that streamline debugging. This allows them to concentrate more on crafting user experiences and developing new features. Sofy's CEO, Syed Hamid, highlighted that Visual Match aligns with the company's vision of empowering developers through innovation.

Following its debut, Visual Match strengthens Sofy's position as a facilitator of efficient quality assurance processes. This is achieved through intelligent tools that curtail manual effort, as witnessed in its no-code automation platform's availability in the Datadog marketplace.