Virginijus Šeškus: A Potential Lithuanian National Team Coach with a Tie?

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A Chat with Virginijus Šeškus

In the recent season of Betsafe-LKL TV, the basketball fans were delighted to see the first interviewee being none other than Virginijus Šeškus, the spirited head coach of Jonava CBet, also known as BC Prienai. Known for his unconventional approach to coaching and his immense passion for the game, Šeškus never fails to surprise, whether it's with his coaching techniques or his fashion choices.

Leading the National Team: A Possibility?


When asked about the potential of being the head coach for the Lithuanian national team, Šeškus maintained a modest stance. He acknowledged the honor and prestige of the position, but also highlighted the responsibility it carries. He expressed that there are numerous other professionals who could effectively fill the role, suggesting that he doesn't see himself as the only viable candidate.

As the current coach of BC Prienai, Šeškus expressed that his primary focus is on his existing team. He stated that he is not actively seeking the national team coach position, but interestingly, he did not completely dismiss the possibility. This leaves room for speculation and intrigue among basketball fans and professionals alike.

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The Promise of the Tie

One of the more humorous discussions in the interview revolved around Šeškus's earlier promise to wear a tie if he ever became the national team's coach. This promise has gained attention due to Šeškus's known preference for casual clothing, typically appearing in training suits. The idea of him wearing a tie represents a significant shift in his personal style.

Confirming his promise, Šeškus added a touch of humor, stating that it would not just be any tie, but a "very beautiful one." This statement adds a light-hearted element to the otherwise serious discussion about his professional future.


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Conclusion: An Open Possibility

While Šeškus acknowledges the honor and responsibility of coaching the Lithuanian national basketball team, he does not see himself actively pursuing the role at the moment. His focus remains on his current team, BC Prienai, but he leaves a hint of possibility open about taking up the national team coach role. His confirmation of the promise to wear a tie if he ever occupies the position adds a unique and playful twist to the conversation.

Whether Šeškus eventually becomes the national team coach or not, his passion for the game, commitment to his current team, and the promise of a beautiful tie make for a captivating narrative for basketball fans around the world.

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