Neymar's Mother Embarks on Riyadh Exploration: Wearing Abaya and Camel Rides Following Son's Al-Hilal Signing

Hadeel Hashem
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Neymar's Mother Explores Riyadh: Unveiling a Unique Tour


The vibrant social networking landscape buzzed with excitement as images documenting the debut appearance of Brazilian football sensation Neymar's mother in Riyadh circulated widely.

Exploring Riyadh: A Glimpse into Neymar's Mother's Tour

Social media platforms were set ablaze with a captivating series of photographs capturing Nadine Gonsalves Santos, Neymar's mother, during her maiden visit to Riyadh. The photos documented her immersive tourist journey, offering a rare glimpse into her experiences as she embraced local customs and traditions.


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Donning a black abaya and burqa, Nadine Gonsalves Santos embarked on an enchanting excursion, which included camel rides across the mesmerizing desert landscape. In one photograph, she is captured savoring the flavors of Arabic coffee, a quintessential experience for anyone exploring the heart of Saudi Arabia.

Adding to the allure, she was spotted confidently riding a Naqa, skillfully navigating the sandy terrain. Another heartwarming image features Neymar's son, her beloved grandson, standing beside her in the midst of the desert, surrounded by camels. The visuals not only portray Neymar's mother's engagement with local culture but also reflect the bonding moments she shares with her family amidst this unique adventure.


Neymar's Arrival and Al Hilal Connection

The football star Neymar, 31, graced Riyadh on a Friday evening, his arrival marked by a symbolic gesture as he wore a blue scarf in the colors of Al Hilal, the prominent football club in Saudi Arabia. Having made the transition from Paris Saint-Germain of France, Neymar's move reverberated through the sporting world.

Expressing his enthusiasm via Al Hilal's official account, Neymar acknowledged the club's stature and its devoted fanbase. He stated, "Al Hilal is a big club with great fans and is the best in Asia." His sentiment resonated with the club's supporters, heralding a new era for Saudi football.


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The anticipation surrounding Neymar's presentation was palpable, especially before the team's match in the second stage of the league against Al-Fayha. The match unfolded at the King Fahd Stadium, an iconic venue with a seating capacity of over 60,000 spectators, situated in Riyadh.

Addressing the crowd during his introduction, Neymar expressed his commitment to contribute to Saudi football's growth. He conveyed his joy in joining the team and pledged to give his all to the club's success, aspiring to achieve championships during his tenure. With a heartfelt promise, Neymar solidified his place within Al Hilal and Saudi football history.

Furthermore, Neymar's legendary status extends to the international stage, as he holds the distinguished title of "historical top scorer" for the Brazilian national team, sharing this honor with the iconic Pele, with both players having netted an impressive 77 goals each.