Jong Ajax's Struggles Continue in Keuken Kampioen Divisie

BNN Correspondents
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An Unfortunate Draw for Jong Ajax


In their recent match against FC Eindhoven, Jong Ajax was unable to secure their first victory of the season in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie, the second-highest tier of Dutch football. The Amsterdam-based team, currently under the supervision of interim director Jan van Halst, saw their hopes crushed in injury time when FC Eindhoven scored an equalizer, leading to a 1-1 draw.

Mid-Game Highlights

The match, played in Amsterdam, witnessed Jong Ajax's promising player Jayden Banel score a goal in the 38th minute, assisted by Anass Salah-Eddine. This goal initially gave the team hope of securing their first victory of the season. However, a potential second goal from teammate Gabriel Misehouy was disallowed in the second half of the game, leaving Jong Ajax unable to extend their lead.


FC Eindhoven's Late Equalizer

FC Eindhoven took advantage of this situation, turning the tide in the 92nd minute. Midfielder Ozan Kökçü scored from a free-kick, leaving Jong Ajax's goalkeeper, Diant Ramaj, unable to prevent the equalizer. This last-minute goal allowed FC Eindhoven to escape with a draw, denying Jong Ajax their much-awaited first victory of the season.

Ramaj's Performance and Future Prospects


Despite the setback, Ramaj, who was bought for 5 million euros last summer, has yet to make his debut in the main Ajax team. His performance in this match, although marred by the late equalizer, has shown promise and potential. Ramaj is likely to be on the bench for the first team's next match, when they will play the remaining 35 minutes of a previously paused match against Feyenoord. This has led to the rescheduling of the match with FC Volendam.

Concluding Remarks

The key takeaway from this match is that Jong Ajax, despite taking the lead, was unable to secure its first victory of the season. The late equalizer from FC Eindhoven was a significant blow to the team. However, it also shows the unpredictability and excitement that is inherent in football. The team will surely use this experience to learn and grow, hoping to secure their first victory in the upcoming matches.