A New Era for Radnički Kragujevac: Dejan Joksimović's Departure

BNN Correspondents
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A Mutual Parting of Ways


Radnički Kragujevac, the Serbian football team, recently announced the departure of their coach, Dejan Joksimović. This decision came in the wake of a series of disappointing performances, with the team managing to secure only three points in seven matches. The latest defeat to IMT was the tipping point that led to Joksimović’s departure. This trend of changing coaches mid-season is not new and has been witnessed in other Super League clubs such as Železničar, Vojvodina, Čukarički, and Novi Pazar.

The decision to part ways with Joksimović was a mutual one. Both the coach and the club agreed that a change was needed to stimulate progress and improve the team's performance. This strategy, often referred to as "shock therapy", is frequently employed in football to trigger a turnaround in the team's fortunes.

Acknowledging Joksimović's Contributions


Despite the recent poor performances, Radnički took the time to highlight Joksimović’s significant contributions to the club. He played a crucial role in last season’s success, leading the team to qualify for the Super League playoffs, which is one of the most significant achievements in the club's century-long history.

The club expressed its deep gratitude to Joksimović for his unwavering commitment and dedication to Radnički. His understanding of the current situation was commended, and the club reiterated that Joksimović will always be a part of the club, just as the club will always be a part of him.

Looking Ahead: A New Coach and Renewed Determination

The announcement of Radnički's new coach is expected in the coming days. In the meantime, the club's management is calling for increased efforts from all players and everyone involved in the club's operation. They are determined to overcome the current crisis, return to their winning form from the previous championship, and believe in the potential for future success.

Radnički’s next match will be a home game against Radnik on Wednesday. The team hopes to turn their current run of poor form around and start climbing back up the league table. The departure of Joksimović marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter for Radnički Kragujevac. With renewed determination, the team is ready to face the challenges ahead and work towards achieving their goals.