Somali President Meets Saudi Delegation to Enhance Ties and Jointly Combat Terrorism

Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed
New Update

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud met with a delegation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led by the Special Envoy of the Royal Court of the Kingdom, Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz Kattan, at the State House in Mogadishu on Thursday. The meeting aimed to reinvigorate the long-standing relationship between Somalia and Saudi Arabia and to discuss areas of mutual interest and concern, including the ongoing fight against terrorism.


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The collaboration between the two nations dates back many years and encompasses various fields, including trade, culture, and security. This meeting is seen as a reaffirmation of their commitment to continue working together to achieve common goals and uphold shared values.

Intensifying the Fight Against Terrorism


During the meeting, both sides discussed their joint efforts against terrorism, with a focus on al-Shabaab. Somali President Mohamud and the delegation explored strategies and means to intensify their ongoing battle against the militant group. With Somali government forces and international partners escalating their efforts, the second phase of anti-al-Shabaab operations is anticipated to commence in the coming weeks.

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Saudi Arabia expressed strong support for Somalia's efforts, underlining its readiness to assist in enhancing security and combating terrorism. The united stand against extremism is seen as a vital component in achieving stability in the region and a sign of the growing strategic partnership between the two countries.

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The Minister of Internal Security of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Ahmed Sheikh Ali Doodishe, accompanied by the Special Envoy of the Royal Court, elaborated on Saudi Arabia's willingness to provide Somalia with both security support and investment. In a joint press conference, they emphasized that this support is aimed at enhancing stability in the war-torn nation and creating job opportunities for Somali citizens.

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