President Biden Clarifies Residential Status Amid Security Upgrades

Justice Nwafor
New Update
President Biden said he has been spending so much time at his beach house in Delaware because his primary residence in Wilmington has been undergoing security upgrades. AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta via Fox News


In an unplanned encounter with the press in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, President Biden clarified that his recent visit to the state wasn't a leisurely break.

As he emerged from the Sunday Mass at St. Edmond Roman Catholic Church, the president stated, "I have no home to go to right now."

Reason for Absence from Wilmington


Biden further elaborated that the U.S. Secret Service is implementing security upgrades to his primary home in Wilmington. Because of these renovations, he hasn't spent a single night there for several months. "When I come to Delaware these days, this is my only stop," he commented, pointing to his Rehoboth Beach residence. "But it's just a day's stay."

He had previously touched upon these security modifications in April after his journey to the beach house post a visit to Ireland.

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Recent Travel Chronicles

Following a survey of the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia in Florida, President Biden arrived at the Delaware coast on Saturday evening. While he initially planned to spend the Labor Day weekend at his Rehoboth Beach house, alterations were made due to the recent hurricane.

It's worth noting that the Biden family enjoyed a week-long holiday in Nevada's Lake Tahoe just a fortnight ago. However, Biden's frequent weekend getaways have become a topic of criticism, especially among the Republican National Committee and GOP lawmakers.

When asked if his remarks hinted at him being homeless, Biden assured the reporters, "I'm not without a home. It's just that currently, I have one residence. It's a beautiful place. But today, I’m here because I can't return to my usual residence."

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