Political Betting Fever Sweeps Slovakia: A Closer Look at the Numbers and Odds

Wojciech Zylm
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The Betting Phenomenon


Betting on the outcome of political events, especially elections, has been a longstanding tradition in many countries, and Slovakia is no exception. As the upcoming elections loom, the betting fever in Slovakia has reached an unprecedented high, with the total amount wagered on the elections surpassing €1.1 million.

Who's Leading the Race?

According to the current odds, Smer-SD, a significant political party in Slovakia, leads the race with odds of 1.77:1. Hot on its heels is Progressive Slovakia (PS) with odds of 2.10:1. Interestingly, Hlas-SD, which was once considered a front-runner, has seen its odds plummet to 55:1, essentially dropping it out of the race for first place.


The Betters' Perspective

In total, 7,895 betting customers have placed 28,666 bets. The leading bookmaker and political betting specialist from Tipsport SK, Pavol Boško, observed that interest in betting on social events, particularly domestic parliamentary elections, is growing among Slovaks. Once the polling stations close, live bets can be placed based on the ongoing vote count, generating further excitement.

Betting on the Next Prime Minister


One of the most debated betting opportunities is predicting who will become the first Prime Minister with the confidence of the National Council of the Slovak Republic (NR SR) after the elections. Most bettors believe that the future head of government will be the leader of Smer, Robert Fico, with approximately 2,500 tickets amounting to €26,000 placed on this outcome. The second most betted individual is Igor Matovič, with total bets exceeding €7,800, despite his odds standing at a steep 275:1.

Bookmakers' Favorites

According to bookmakers, Smer's leader Robert Fico is the top favorite with odds of 2.05:1. PS leader Michal Šimečka follows closely with odds of 3.0:1, and Hlas' leader Peter Pellegrini is third with odds of 3.85:1.


Unusual Bets and High Stakes

Boško highlighted some unusual bets that have been placed. For instance, a bet predicting that Progressive Slovakia will not make it into parliament stands at 200:1 odds, meaning that a €50 bet could yield a whopping €10,000. Another bettor wagered €100 on the Democrats' victory, which, if successful, could win €260,000.

The three highest bets are also intriguing. First is a €10,000 wager that the OĽaNO coalition will not place third, with potential winnings of €13,400 at odds of 1.34:1. A sizeable €8,000 bet was placed on Progressive Slovakia's victory at odds of 3:1, which could win €24,000. Lastly, bettors wagered €6,400 on SNS making it into parliament at odds of 1.38:1, which could win €8,832.


Voter Turnout Predictions

According to the bookmakers' odds, it is most likely that voter turnout will be around 66%. This figure is significant as it could influence the final outcome of the election.


The fervor for betting on the election outcome in Slovakia reflects a growing interest in political events and their results. As the stakes rise and the odds fluctuate, the country remains captivated, waiting to see who will emerge victorious from this high-stakes political contest.