Former Tim Scott adviser is running new pro-DeSantis effort in Iowa

Muhammad Jawad
New Update
Political Action in Iowa Backs Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis Ahead of 2024

In a dynamic twist to the on-going political fervor, a novel super PAC, dubbed 'Fight Right', is now making its presence felt in the battleground state of Iowa. Captained by a seasoned political adviser who previously served with Senator Tim Scott's presidential campaign, this group aims to change the tide of political discourse in favor of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.


The Super PAC was launched amidst an approximate $980,000 television ad purchase, drawing parallels between GOP competitor Nikki Haley and Hillary Clinton. This move is clearly aimed at destabilizing Haley's position in Iowa as DeSantis strives to secure his runner-up spot in the state. An escalating surge of competition now puts DeSantis under added pressure, with Haley relentlessly closing in.

Short-term Strategies and Internal Dynamics

With the launch of Fight Right, the intrigue within the DeSantis camp and its allies has soared. Internal discussions center around efficiently keeping Haley's growing influence under control, both in Iowa and nationally. As part of this new strategy, Fight Right received a substantial $1 million transfer ahead of its debut ad buy from the 'Never Back Down' Super PAC, a major financier backing DeSantis’ presidential bid.


The future of Never Back Down's financial assistance to the fledgling group remains uncertain. However, the Florida governor was recently seen engaging with probable donors for Fight Right in Palm Beach.

Operating in Synergy: 'Fight Right' and 'Never Back Down'

The two Super PACs, while separate entities, are expected to operate in tandem to achieve a common agenda. This close cooperation would serve to heighten their cumulative influence and steer the policy conversation in their favor.


In stark contrast with its initial operations, Fight Right has already caused considerable stir with its debut ad. Both allies of Haley and media fact-checkers have criticized the group for distorting the context of the former South Carolina governor and UN ambassador's comments.

The Future Trajectory of 'Fight Right'

Evidently targeting Nikki Haley in the race to the Jan. 15 caucuses in Iowa, Fight Right's debut ad signals a clear indication of their future course of action. According to one of the group's key figures, the super PAC was established with the specific mandate to "tell voters the truth about politicians who break their promises and abandon conservative principles." In line with this, we can expect the super PAC to continue challenging the veracity of its opponents' claims in the weeks leading up to the Iowa caucuses.


Terming the Fight Right team as "lean but powerful," the group’s leader endorsed DeSantis as a "change agent who consistently leads, fights, and wins for the everyman,” a strong indicator of the narrative we can expect the Super PAC to pursue in its future endeavors.

In Conclusion

The emergence of Fight Right represents a new wave in the political landscape of Iowa. As the race to the caucuses picks up momentum, the super PAC's strategies, alliances and messaging are sure to significantly impact the direction and outcome of this crucial political contest.