Nigeria's Labor Disputes: Government's Promise to Resolve Wage Award Issue

Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed
New Update

Simon Lalong, the Minister of Labour and Employment in Nigeria, has assured the nation's workforce that the government is close to finalizing the wage award issue, which has been a significant point of contention for some time. This statement came during a meeting with the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), where he was thanked for his role in securing the release of some of their members who had been arrested by government agents.


Lalong emphasized the importance of industrial harmony for the socio-economic development of any country. He urged the NURTW and Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to cooperate with the Federal Government to advance the nation. He reassured that the processes to meet the NLC's other demands, particularly the wage award, are underway and will conclude soon.

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Call to Refrain from Planned Strikes


The Minister urged the NLC to refrain from their planned strike and allow the government to resolve all pending issues. His plea comes in response to the NLC's accusation of the Federal Government's delay in negotiations on post-subsidy palliatives for workers. This delay has been a source of hardship for many in the country, leading to the NLC planning an emergency National Executive Council meeting to decide on their next steps.

Nkeiruka Onyejeocha, the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, implored the NURTW factions to maintain peace while the Ministry works on resolving their dispute. This plea mirrors the government's commitment to resolving labour disputes and wage issues, highlighting the importance of industrial harmony for the nation's socioeconomic development.

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Appreciation from the NURTW

The NURTW delegation expressed their gratitude for the efforts of both Lalong and Onyejeocha in facilitating the release of the detained members. The delegation's response reinforces the government's commitment to promoting industrial harmony and addressing labour disputes.

The NLC, frustrated by the perceived lethargy of the government, has hinted at drastic action to compel the Federal Government to return to the negotiation table. In response, Lalong urged the NLC to allow the government to work and resolve all pending issues. His statement was a reassurance to the organized labour that the processes leading to the fulfilment of wage awards were on course and would be concluded soon.

The ongoing labour disputes in Nigeria highlight the importance of industrial harmony for socio-economic development. The government's commitment to resolving these disputes and addressing wage concerns signifies a step in the right direction. As the situation unfolds, it is hoped that both parties will reach a consensus that benefits the nation's workforce and contributes to Nigeria's socio-economic growth.

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