Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Expresses Support for Erdogan's Victory in Turkish Elections

Safak Costu
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Orban: "Thank God Erdogan Won, I Prayed for Him to Succeed" <br>Image Credit: BBC

Orban's Views on Erdogan's Re-election


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban recently shared his thoughts on the Turkish elections, expressing his support for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. During his weekly conversation meeting on state radio, Orban stated, "With the re-election of Mr. Erdogan, a great burden has been lifted from our shoulders. We wished for Erdogan to be re-elected, but honestly, thank God Erdogan won. I prayed a lot for him to win."

Viewing the Election as Crucial for Hungary

According to Orban, the Turkish election was not merely a contest between Erdogan and the opposition leader but, in his perspective, a battle between Erdogan and Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros. Orban has long portrayed Soros as a significant adversary to Hungarian national interests, and his opposition to Soros was prominently displayed during the elections in Hungary, with anti-Soros posters adorning the streets.

Orban's Justifications for Supporting Erdogan

Orban elaborated on the reasons behind his support for Erdogan's re-election. He stated that if the united opposition leader, who he claimed was aligned with Soros, had won the elections in Turkey, it would have resulted in an immediate influx of several million refugees from Turkey into Europe. Orban believes that Erdogan's leadership provides Europe with a guarantee against such a scenario, ensuring that refugees do not flood into Europe and that Russian natural gas supplies to Europe remain uninterrupted.

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