Giorgia Meloni Calls on Giuliano Amato to Share Evidence on Ustica Plane Crash Mystery

Priti Naik
New Update

Premier Giorgia Meloni has made a significant call to former premier Giuliano Amato, urging him to reveal any evidence he may possess regarding the mysterious 1980 Ustica plane crash. The crash, which tragically claimed the lives of 81 people, has been shrouded in mystery for decades. Meloni's call comes after Amato suggested that a French missile might have been responsible for the disaster.


Giuliano Amato's Intriguing Revelation

Giuliano Amato, a former premier, recently made headlines with his statements about the Ustica plane crash. He asserted that a French missile might have caused the tragic incident, a theory that has long been a subject of speculation. Giorgia Meloni, current Premier, acknowledges the importance of Amato's words but has posed a critical question: Does Amato possess concrete evidence to support his deductions?

Expanding on Amato's Statements


Amato's statements have brought renewed attention to the Ustica plane crash, an event that has left unanswered questions for over four decades. He emphasizes that his words are based on personal deductions, leaving room for doubt and curiosity. Meloni's request for evidence is a pivotal moment in the quest for closure and clarity regarding this historical tragedy.

Meloni's Call for Clarity and Action

Premier Giorgia Meloni is not merely seeking answers for the sake of curiosity. She has called on Giuliano Amato to determine whether, in addition to his deductions, he possesses any substantial evidence that could prompt a reevaluation of the conclusions reached by judicial and parliamentary investigations. The government is poised to take action if such evidence emerges, potentially offering closure to the families of the victims and shedding light on this enduring mystery.

Expanding on Government Involvement: Meloni's call underscores the government's commitment to transparency and accountability. She affirms that no documents related to the Ustica disaster from criminal investigations or parliamentary commissions have been classified, demonstrating a willingness to cooperate in uncovering the truth.

Premier Giorgia Meloni's call to Giuliano Amato marks a significant development in the ongoing investigation into the Ustica plane crash. As the mystery persists, the public eagerly awaits any potential evidence that may finally provide closure to the families of the victims and bring clarity to this decades-old enigma.