Georgia Confident in Positive EU Decision Amidst Internal Discussions, Says Speaker Papuashvili

Mazhar Abbas
New Update
Georgian Parliament Speaker Responds to Hungarian PM's Letter, Affirms Non-Interference in EU Affairs

In a recent development, Shalva Papuashvili, the Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, has responded to a letter penned by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to European Council President Charles Michel. Papuashvili underscored Georgia's policy of non-interference in internal European Union debates, asserting that Georgia's focus is primarily on its domestic affairs and the positive recommendation it has received from the European Commission.


Georgia's Stance on EU Affairs

Papuashvili emphasized that no EU member state has publicly opposed this recommendation. The Georgian Parliament awaits a decision regarding its status, a decision that is anticipated to be a significant determinant of the country's future political landscape. Papuashvili's remarks come at a time when the question of whether Georgia should be considered individually or as part of a broader package is under discussion in the EU.

Historical Precedence and Future Outlook


Papuashvili reminded listeners that in June of the previous year, decisions were made on a package basis. The Speaker sees no barriers for EU member states to make a decision favorable to Georgia's case, suggesting a sense of optimism and anticipation within the Georgian government regarding their EU status.

Implications for Georgia

The decision on Georgia's status and its relationship with the EU has far-reaching implications. This includes not only Georgia's political and economic future but also its standing in the international community, particularly with regard to its relations with other global powers. The Speaker's comments reflect the Georgian government's commitment to maintaining its focus on domestic affairs while also showing respect for the internal discussions of the EU.