Democratic Approval for Biden's Handling of Israel-Hamas Conflict Rises: Poll

Shivani Chauhan
New Update
Democratic approval for Biden's handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict rises as his diplomatic efforts garner increased support within the party.

The recent poll conducted by NORC Center for Public Affairs Research presents a nuanced view of President Joe Biden's management of the Israel-Hamas conflict. The survey reveals an increase in approval among Democrats for the President's handling of the ongoing crisis. A total of 59 percent of Democrats now endorse Biden's approach, marking a significant rise from the 50 percent approval in November.


Behind the Numbers

This progressive uptick corresponds with Biden's unwavering support for Israel's right to self-defense, which has remained consistent throughout his tenure. His administration's pronounced concern over civilian casualties in Gaza, advocacy for an independent Palestinian state, and active involvement in securing the release of hostages held by Hamas have all played a role in shaping this sentiment.

Divisions within the Democratic Party


Despite the improved approval rating, Biden's management of the Israel-Hamas conflict remains a contentious issue among Democrats. The President's handling of the conflict is viewed less favorably by Democrats compared to his overall job performance, which boasts a robust 75 percent approval rating among party members. This disparity underscores the complexity and divisiveness of the issue within the party.

A Broader Perspective

When considering the opinions of all US adults, the President's approval rating stands at 41 percent. This broader perspective underscores the multifaceted challenge Biden faces in addressing this deeply-rooted conflict, and the delicate balance he must maintain between domestic and international demands.