The Unusual Taxi Murder in Sweden: Young Teens Accused

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Overview of the Case


An unusual trial is set to begin on October 3 in Uppsala District Court in Sweden. The case, which has garnered widespread attention in the Swedish media, has been dubbed "The Taxi Murder". The aspect that makes this case particularly unusual is the young age of the defendants. The four accused are teenagers, aged between 15 to 18, none of whom have any known connections to gang-related activities.

Details of the Incident

The victim, a 26-year-old taxi driver, was found hanging from a tree in a forest outside Enköping in April this year. This grisly discovery was made a week after his taxi was found abandoned, with the meter having been running for three days. The accused in this case include four brothers and a 16-year-old girl.


Investigations and Motive

During the course of the investigations, it was discovered that the victim had a connection to one of the accused teenagers. The 16-year-old girl had reported him for rape in February of the same year, with the incident she reported having happened the previous summer. The case was quickly dismissed due to the vagueness of the report and the lack of evidence. Authorities believe that this alleged rape could be a potential motive for the murder, with the group having reportedly told friends that they planned to "kill a rapist".

Evidence Linking the Accused to the Murder


Several pieces of evidence link the teenagers to the murder. Their mobile phones were connected to a tower covering the scene of the crime. One of the accused had purchased blue rope and tape, which matched the rope used in the hanging, shortly before the murder. Money was transferred from the victim's bank account to one of the teenagers. The taxi driver's license was found at one of the accused's homes. Furthermore, DNA from some of the accused was found in the victim's car and on the rope used in the hanging.

Denial of Charges and the Prosecution's Argument

All of the accused deny the charges. The 16-year-old girl admitted to luring the man to the area, but claimed that she believed the brothers only intended to harm him, rather than kill him. The prosecution, on the other hand, argues that the death was extremely painful and bore the characteristics of an execution.

The Larger Implications

This case raises important questions about the handling of the initial rape allegation. Could the murder have been prevented with further investigation into this allegation? As the trial commences, these questions, and the ones surrounding the actions of the accused teenagers, will undoubtedly be at the forefront of the proceedings.