Controversy Brews Over Misuse of Government Equipment by Czech Politician

Wojciech Zylm
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Dosimeter Debacle

The Czech Republic is currently embroiled in a debate over the alleged misuse of a dosimeter by Vit Rakusan, the head of the Pirates party. Rakusan reportedly used the government-provided device, which measures exposure to ionizing radiation, to check radiation levels in his own home. This apparent personal use of an official device has sparked concerns and instigated a police investigation.

Rakusan's Response


Rakusan has defended his actions, asserting that he was merely testing the dosimeter to ensure its functionality. He maintains that after the test, the device was promptly returned. Despite his explanation, the police have proceeded with their investigation into the matter. Rakusan has further offered to pay for the dosimeter, though it remains uncertain whether this gesture will mollify his critics.

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Public Debate


The incident has ignited public discourse over the proper use of government resources. While some argue that Rakusan's actions were a simple act of caution, utilising available resources to ensure his safety, others believe that he overstepped his boundaries and mismanaged government property. Rakusan counters these criticisms by noting the relatively low cost of the device and arguing that the incident should not be overblown.

Past Controversies

Rakusan is no stranger to controversy. In the past, he faced criticism for allegedly using his government phone for personal calls. Like the dosimeter incident, Rakusan denied these allegations, stating that he fully reimbursed the government for any personal calls made on the device.


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The key focus remains the ongoing investigation into Vit Rakusan's use of a government-provided dosimeter for personal purposes. While Rakusan defends his actions and offers to pay for the device, the incident has sparked a wider debate about the appropriate use of government resources. The situation is further complicated by Rakusan's history of accusations regarding misuse of government property.

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