Congressman Calls for Investigation into Minister's Ties to Alleged Drug Trafficker in Campaign Financing Inquiry

María Alejandra Trujillo
New Update

Hernán Cadavid, a Democratic Center congressman, has recently submitted a formal request to the Attorney General's Office, urging an investigation into Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, the Minister of Health due to allegations of illicit campaign financing.


In his request, the representative has sought clarification regarding the utilization of the Historical Pact during the parliamentary campaign, specifically with regards to the involvement of aircraft owned by the Ibagué Air Society (Sadi S. A. S.). This company is under the management of Carlos Eduardo Restrepo Jaramillo, who has previously surrendered to the United States justice system and admitted his involvement in drug trafficking activities.

Implications of the Allegations

Despite Jaramillo's current position as Health Minister affording him constitutional protection, the alleged actions took place between the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022, when he did not possess such protection. Thus, Cadavid arguesd the investigation into these allegations should not fall within the jurisdiction of the prosecutors assigned to the Supreme Court of Justice.


The accusations against the minister may have significant political ramifications for Colombia. If proven true, they would mark a serious breach of trust and could potentially undermine the public's faith in the Historic Pact party and its operations. Furthermore, the case could set a precedent for how alleged illegal campaign financing is handled in the country, potentially leading to more stringent regulations and scrutiny of campaign practices.

Historical Pact Committee Faces Questions Over Airline Scandal

On Wednesday, the Political Committee of the Historical Pact convened a five-hour meeting on September 20 to address the escalating scandal surrounding potential connections between their political coalition and an airline company associated with a pilot currently incarcerated in the United States. Despite issuing a five-point statement in an attempt to provide clarity on the situation, more questions have emerged.

The document does not offer a clear explanation of how they came into contact with the airline, nor does it address whether they were aware of the pilot, Carlos Eduardo Restrepo, who has been linked to drug trafficking.

In their statement, the government's political organization emphasized that they did not directly contract a private pilot but rather secured air services from an aviation company that operates legally within the country.