Boosting Shooting Sports in Sharjah: An In-depth Look

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Sharjah Sports Council and UAE Shooting Federation Unite


In an effort to broaden the scope of shooting sports in the Emirate of Sharjah, Issa Hilal Al Hazami, President of the Sharjah Sports Council, recently held a meeting with Sheikh Ahmed bin Hashr Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Board of UAE Shooting Federation. This gathering was held at the council's headquarters and aimed at discussing potential collaborations to expand shooting sports participants in the Emirate. The attendees also shared ideas on plans and programs to foster the growth of the sport in various clubs.

Representatives from the Sporting Sector

Several key figures from the sporting sector were present at the meeting. Among them were Salem bin Hweidan, President of Al Dhaid Cultural Sports Club, and the shooting delegation that included Hassan Al Shehhi, Vice President of the Federation, Ali Abdullah bin Nouma, member of the Board of Directors, and Talal Hindi, Executive Director. Other attendees consisted of Nabil Ashour, Director of Support Services Department, Mohammed Obaid Al Hosan, Director of Sports and Development Affairs Department, and Zakia Suhail Al Musharakh, Acting Director of Government Communication Department.


Anticipating Future Impact

Expressing his appreciation towards the Sharjah Sports Council for the productive meeting, Sheikh Ahmed bin Hashr Al Maktoum highlighted that the results of the discussion will be seen in the near future. He stated that the effects would be manifested through executive programs in the majority of the Emirate's clubs. The focus will be particularly on rifle and air pistol shooting for a distance of 10 meters, and the programs will target younger age groups.

Praise for Sheikh Ahmed bin Hashr Al Maktoum


Issa Hilal applauded the efforts and initiatives led by Sheikh Ahmed bin Hashr to promote the sport of shooting and develop new champions among the youth. Hilal emphasized that these initiatives are strengthened by high-level talent and distinguished field experience. Sheikh Ahmed is a world champion who brought joy to the UAE, its government, and its people when he secured the gold medal in Athens 2004. This achievement marked the first Olympic medal in the history of the country, adding to the significance of Sheikh Ahmed's contribution to the sport.

Looking Ahead

This meeting signifies a notable step forward in the promotion and expansion of shooting sports within the Emirate of Sharjah. The combined efforts of the Sharjah Sports Council and the UAE Shooting Federation, led by internationally acclaimed figures such as Sheikh Ahmed bin Hashr Al Maktoum, promise a bright future for the sport. This collaboration aims to cultivate new champions, expand participation, and ultimately enhance the sporting culture within the Emirate.