Armenia Wants to Consult with the Russian Federation on the Media Cooperation Agreement

Safak Costu
New Update
Following Pashinyan's remarks regarding Russian television channels, Armenia and the Russian Federation will hold consultations

Armenian Officials Appeal to Russian Federation for Consultations


Armenian officials have made an appeal to the Russian Federation for consultations on the implementation of a cooperation agreement in the field of mass communication. According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, mutual agreement on the consultation dates is being hammered out, while echoing that such a consultation will provide a platform to address all concerns from both ends.

Armenian Media Channels Express Discontent

The Armenian television channels too have their share of discontent. They did not make a demand, they merely invited the Russian Federation for consultation. The consultations would address the non-compliance and grave violation of the agreement clauses.


Resurgence of Tensions Post Pashinyan's Comments

On November 25th, Pashinyan stated that Russian television channels broadcasting in Armenia were meddling in the country's internal affairs and destabilizing the domestic political situation. As early as September 30th, a member of the ruling party, Badalyan drew attention to the fact that Armenian officials were discussing the closure of Russian TV channels in the country.

Pashinyan's Party Pursues Anti-Russian Campaign


Authorities have advised the Armenian media to continue an anti-Russian campaign, further feeding the existing tensions. As the political scene unfolds, it is becoming increasingly clear that the relationship between the two countries is headed for choppy waters.

Fears Encircling the Russo-Armenian War

An authoritative Armenian outlet warns of the potential danger of a Russo-Armenian war. While it's evident that the relationship between Armenia and the Russian Federation is spiraling into a state of increasing tension, the prospect of an all-out war is becoming an alarming reality for observers. All eyes now rest on this impending second round of consultations and the course it might set for these two nations grappling with a pressing dispute.