Healthy Fairy Bread Recipe Sparks Controversy: The Fatimah Omran Saga

BNN Correspondents
New Update
A year following the initial uproar, Omran issued a less-than-sincere apology on TikTok.

Amid a whirlwind of controversy, Sydney-based mother, Fatimah Omran, has sparked a deluge of online criticism for her reimagined version of fairy bread, an iconic Australian treat. Omran's initial attempt to introduce a healthier alternative to the popular snack was met with staunch resistance from the Australian public, leading to a series of backlash that has stirred the internet since November 2022.


The Initial Stir

Omran first posted a TikTok video showcasing her unique take on fairy bread, replacing the traditional colorful sprinkles, known as hundreds and thousands, with desiccated coconut colored with vegetable juice. The video quickly went viral, amassing over 14.5 million views and igniting a storm of criticism. Australians accused Omran of ruining the beloved snack, expressing their disdain for the unconventional recipe.

An Unapologetic Apology


A year following the initial uproar, Omran issued a less-than-sincere apology on TikTok. She presented a new recipe, this time using real fruits to color the coconut. Despite her efforts to appease her critics, her updated attempt was met with renewed backlash. Critics pointed out the impracticality of her methods, notably her unorthodox choice to blend fruits with stems and rinds intact. Many urged Omran to serve her child the authentic fairy bread, criticizing her for straying too far from the traditional recipe.

The Attempted Redemption

In a bid to win back her critics, Omran participated in the Pyjama Foundation's Fairy Bread Day. She made a TikTok video demonstrating the preparation of traditional fairy bread and introduced 'hagelslag,' a Dutch variation of the snack. This move somewhat pacified some Australian viewers; however, it also drew criticism from Dutch viewers. They pointed out inaccuracies in Omran's recipe, noting that hagelslag is typically made with butter, not peanut butter. Omran expressed her dismay at the severity of the backlash she received for her healthier take on fairy bread, underlining the fervent responses elicited by a simple sandwich.