McDonald's Taiwan: Unveiling a Revamped App and A New Customer Experience

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A New Era For McDonald's Taiwan

In a recent announcement spotted at its outlets, McDonald's Taiwan revealed its plans to launch an upgraded version of its mobile application. The existing app has been issuing alerts about the deadlines for sending and redeeming coupons and points, indicating a significant shift in the company's digital strategy. The move has sparked discussions among its users, particularly since the points redemption function was moved to McDonald's official LINE account.

The revamped McDonald's app, set to debut soon, promises to introduce new features and multiple discounts, bringing the global version of the application to Taiwan. The company stated that the official launch time and related content will be announced once internal testing is completed and final confirmation is made.


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Important Dates for Customers

McDonald's Taiwan has reminded its customers about several important dates. The last day to issue coupons in the current app is October 22, and the last day to redeem them is October 25. Moreover, the last day to issue points is October 25, and the last day to redeem October's points is December 20.


These changes are part of the transition to the new app, and customers are advised to use their existing points and coupons before the respective deadlines to avoid any loss.

Customers' Response to Changes

The announcement has not been without controversy. Some internet users expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision to link the redemption of products to the LINE account, arguing that it adds unnecessary complexity to the process. Others questioned the necessity of the move, given that they found the previous arrangement more user-friendly.


Despite the initial confusion, some users have shared that points can now be redeemed by displaying the QR code at the counter. However, it is important to note that some app-exclusive discounts might not be applicable in this manner, and users are encouraged to confirm with the staff. More details can be found on the McDonald's official website.

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Looking Ahead: McDonald's Taiwan Embracing Change


Despite some initial backlash, the changes signify McDonald's Taiwan's commitment to keeping pace with the digital age and enhancing the customer experience. The new app, with its enhanced features and discounts, is expected to provide a more user-friendly and efficient platform for customers to enjoy their favorite meals. In the meantime, McDonald's Taiwan encourages its customers to make use of their existing points and coupons before the transition and to stay tuned for the official launch of the new app.

As McDonald's Taiwan continues to evolve and adapt to the changing digital landscape, customers can expect more innovative solutions and initiatives aimed at enhancing their experience. The launch of the new app is just the beginning of an exciting new era for McDonald's Taiwan, one that promises to deliver a seamless and rewarding dining experience for its customers.

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