Ramos Arizpe School Violence: Teacher Stabbed and Beaten by Student in Classroom Attack

Safak Costu
New Update

A recent incident of school violence shocked Ramos Arizpe, a municipality in Coahuila state of Mexico, when a 14-year-old student brutally attacked his secondary school teacher. The student, who had reportedly been reprimanded by the teacher, stabbed and beat her within the classroom premises. The incident was recorded on the school's surveillance system.


Details of the Attack

The incident took place at General Secondary School No. 1 “Ruben Humberto Moreira Flores”, located in the Analco neighborhood. The teacher, Patricia Eugenia Burciaga Dávila, 59, was stabbed in the back three times by the student. Following the stabbing, the student proceeded to hit her in the head and face. The attack left the teacher collapsed on the floor, while the student fled the scene.

The violence was captured by the school's security camera. The footage showed the student, apparently punished, standing in front of the blackboard while Dávila was at her desk. As Dávila rose and walked towards the door, the student seized the opportunity to attack her from behind with a knife.


Aftermath of the Attack

Following the attack, the school promptly requested emergency services. The Municipal Police arrived at the scene and the student was placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry for Juveniles, looked after by the Prosecutor’s Office for Boys, Girls and Family (PRONNIF). The student also injured his right hand during the attack and was taken to an IMSS hospital for treatment.

Patricia Eugenia Burciaga Dávila, the victim, was transferred to the ISSSTE clinic for treatment. According to the State Attorney General's Office, her injuries are not life-threatening and her condition is stable. Despite the trauma inflicted, the teacher’s life was not in danger.


Response from the Education Department

The Ministry of Education of Coahuila took immediate notice of the incident. While they announced that the case was under investigation by relevant authorities to determine responsibility, they also committed to strengthening Operation Backpack and crime prevention measures at schools. The incident has sparked outrage online, with many calling for more stringent security measures in schools to prevent such incidents in the future.

The incident in Ramos Arizpe is a stark reminder of the growing issue of school violence, not just in Mexico but globally. It underscores the urgent need for robust preventive measures, comprehensive security protocols, and proactive engagement with students to address behavioral issues.