UN Delivers $3 Million Worth of Life-Saving HIV and Tuberculosis Medicines to Sudan Amidst Crisis

Hadeel Hashem
New Update
War in Sudan, Credit: Sudan Tribune

The Arrival of Drugs in the Face of Crisis


In response to an escalating humanitarian crisis, supplies of life-saving drugs for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis have been delivered in Sudan. The shipment, estimated to be worth around $3 million, arrived in Port Sudan supported by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, as announced by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

In addition to HIV and tuberculosis drugs, other necessary medicines, such as insulin, were included in the delivery. The arrival of these vital medical supplies can significantly support the precarious public health situation in Sudan.

Meeting Current Medical Demands


The delivery weighed a total of 33 tons and is calculated to satisfy the current health demands in Sudan. This can supply HIV treatment for approximately 11,000 people and tuberculosis treatment for an estimated 2,000 patients, through still-functioning public hospitals and primary health centers.

According to an official statement, the support from UNDP aims to foster community stability in Sudan, in tandem with the assistance provided by the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund to respond to the escalating crises in Sudan.

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Mitigating Crisis through Emergency Funds

As disclosed in the statement, total funding from the central fund to combat this present situation has reached an impressive $60 million. Despite this, the escalating humanitarian needs in Sudan continue to climb, while funding remains dangerously inadequate. Only 26 percent of the $2.6 billion Humanitarian Response Plan has been achieved so far.

With over 4.5 million people displaced, including 3.6 million within Sudan, and the numbers soaring without respite, the situation remains extremely concerning.


Healthcare Challenges amid Displacement

The UNDP reports that displacement coupled with a lack of functional health services is disrupting life-saving treatment cycles for illnesses like HIV and tuberculosis. These conditions heighten the risk of death, escalate drug resistance, and aid the transmission of diseases. Maintaining consistency in treatment is a priority, which led UNDP to assist the national program in combating HIV and tuberculosis by mapping operating health facilities and tracking patients who need sustained treatment.

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Continual Support for Sudan

The UNDP is proactively engaged in providing life-saving medical treatment and working towards reviving the health systems within Sudan amidst the ongoing crisis. The program has been in support of previous shipments of essential medical supplies and equipment. Funded through the Global Fund, this has been ongoing since the commencement of the conflict.

The current shipment forms part of UNDP's emergency offer for community stabilization in Sudan, extending to provide access to healthcare, maintaining agricultural production, providing emergency job opportunities, expanding basic services including clean energy, and setting up solar-powered water systems.