Transgender Woman's Violent Attack on Veterinarian Sparks Outrage in Turkey, Veterinarians Prepare to Protest

Hadeel Hashem
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Veterinarians Unite Against Violence


In Turkey, an incident involving a transgender woman's attack on a veterinarian has ignited widespread outrage. The violent episode occurred at a veterinary clinic owned by Serin Eroglu in Ankara's Cankaya district. The woman, identified as AK, brought her cat "Victoria" to the clinic after the feline fell ill due to being born prematurely. Tragically, the cat passed away four days after receiving treatment, and in response, AK, accompanied by four friends, stormed the clinic and violently assaulted Dr. Serin Eroglu, resorting to slaps, hair pulling, and head hitting.

The shocking attack was captured on a security camera, where the aggressor can be heard threatening Dr. Eroglu, vowing to do further harm. Following the incident, AK was taken into police custody for investigation and later released.

Solidarity of veterinarians with their colleague

Veterinarians in Ankara have been deeply affected by the violence suffered by their colleagues, and as an act of solidarity, they have announced that they will cease all non-emergency operations on August 6. The Ankara Region Veterinary Chamber (AVHO) posted an official announcement on their social media platforms, stating their refusal to accept patients at clinics across Turkey on that day. Their protest aims to draw attention to the increasing incidents of violence against veterinarians and advocate for their inclusion in the law on health violence.

Ahmet Bedin, the head of the Ankara District Veterinary Chamber, expressed concern over the escalating attacks on colleagues who dedicate themselves to animal health, public health, and environmental health, working tirelessly around the clock. They are urging authorities to take urgent measures to address the issue and ensure that veterinarians are protected under the Violence in Health Act.