Wolf attack kills 31 sheep on Norwegian farm, farmers consider felling permit

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In Aremark municipality, Viken, Norway, a wolf attack has resulted in the death of 31 sheep on a local farm. The attack was confirmed by Ida Glemminge, a specialist in the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate, who found a total of 29 dead sheep with visible injuries caused by the wolves. Additionally, two sheep had to be euthanized. The incident has been described by Ole-Kristian Bergerud, leader of the Østfold Farmer's Association, as the worst nightmare a farmer can experience.


Farmers consider felling permits to prevent future attacks

Bergerud also stated that the farmers are considering applying for a felling permit for the predator. This move has not yet been taken, but the farmers believe that wolves that take grazing animals early in the year can cause great damage during the season. The longer it takes to address the problem, the more difficult it will be to take animals out. This is due to the fact that predators are good at hiding and that there will always be more vegetation.

Mayor expresses concerns over the impact on the local community and agriculture

The attack has also raised concerns for the local community and agriculture. Mayor Håkon Tolsby (Sp) stated that it is the biggest animal tragedy they have had in Aremark and that it affects the entire local community. He believes that there should not be many attacks before people stop and fears that it could have major consequences for the municipality and agriculture.

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