Somalia Emphasizes Responsible Journalism's Role in Countering Hate and Violence in Jeddeh

Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed
New Update
Somalia Emphasizes Responsible Journalism's Role in Countering Hate and Violence

In a recent international conference on 'The Role of Media in Inciting Hatred and Violence' held in Jeddeh, Saudi Arabia, Somalia's Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism, Da'ud Aweis Jama, urged the global media community to uphold high ethical standards and avoid the spread of misinformation that could stoke societal discord. This conference was organized by the Muslim World League and was attended by representatives from the Union of OIC News Agencies, spanning 57 countries, and key international news agencies from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.


During his address, Minister Jama emphasized the pivotal role of media in verifying the accuracy of information before it is disseminated to the public. He cautioned against the potential of media platforms to incite hatred and violence if they become conduits for misinformation. This stance reflects the Somali government's commitment to responsible journalism and high media ethics, a commitment mirrored in its active participation in such international events.

The Broader Implications

Minister Jama's message extends beyond the borders of Somalia, resonating with a global audience. It underscores the universal responsibility of media entities in shaping societal narratives – a responsibility that has become even more pronounced in the era of digital information. The minister's words serve as a reminder that media, while a powerful tool for information dissemination, can also be a catalyst for strife if misused.

In a parallel event, Minister Jama met with the Secretary-General of the Islamic World Organization. This meeting aimed at discussing Somalia's contributions to academia and culture within Islamic societies, further highlighting the country's integral role within these communities. It was also a testament to Somalia's ongoing commitment to fostering open dialogue and cooperation among Islamic nations.