British Man's Attempt to Open Plane Door Sends Shockwaves at Zadar Airport

Mudassir Haider
New Update
A British man who tried to open the plane door was arrested<br>Image Credit: Vladimir Šetka / HTV

The tranquil setting of Zadar Airport was shattered on Friday evening, June 30, when a harrowing incident occurred on a departing flight. A young British man, later identified as a professional boxer, attempted to open the door of the aircraft mid-flight, triggering panic and chaos among passengers. Prompt intervention from fellow travelers prevented a potential catastrophe, leading to the subsequent arrest and questioning of the individual by the authorities.


The Arrest and Criminal Investigation

The swift response from law enforcement officers at the Zadar Police Department led to the apprehension of the 27-year-old British citizen at the scene. Following his arrest, the police initiated a comprehensive criminal investigation into the matter, aiming to determine the motive behind the suspect's reckless act and establish the appropriate charges.

Disruption of Public Order and Peace


The suspect stands accused of disrupting public order and peace at Zadar Airport in a particularly brazen and indecent manner. Eyewitnesses recount the tense moments when the young man allegedly attempted to open the aircraft door during takeoff, causing distress and panic among fellow passengers. Thankfully, the quick thinking and bravery of other travelers averted a potential disaster, restraining the suspect until authorities arrived.

A Distracted State: The Suspect's Unsettling Behavior

During the initial police interaction and subsequent questioning before the competent court, the suspect exhibited signs of extreme agitation and distraction. These alarming behavioral traits prompted law enforcement officials to employ coercive measures to manage the situation effectively. However, the suspect's erratic state persisted, leading to his transfer from the court to a local hospital for further evaluation.

The Boxing Connection: A Professional Athlete Unveiled

Further investigation into the suspect's background revealed his occupation as a professional boxer. While the connection between his sporting career and the incident remains unclear, it raises questions about the potential impact of personal circumstances on an individual's behavior. Experts in the field of sports psychology and athlete mental health may shed light on the potential factors contributing to this troubling incident.