Malaysia to Waive Visa Requirements for Chinese and Indian Visitors

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Malaysia waives visas for China, India

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim of Malaysia has announced a new policy to waive visa requirements for citizens of China and India, effective December 1. This decision reflects similar visa exemptions implemented by neighboring countries Sri Lanka and Thailand, and aims to foster economic growth through increased tourist spending.


Visa-Free Entry for Chinese and Indian Nationals

As part of the new policy, Chinese and Indian nationals will be able to enjoy a visa-free stay in Malaysia for up to 30 days, subject to passing security screening. This announcement was made by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim during the People's Justice Party's annual congress, as reported by Bloomberg.

A Strategic Move to Boost Economy


The Malaysian government views this decision as a strategic move to boost the country's economy. By attracting more tourists from China and India, two of the world's most populous nations, Malaysia aims to significantly increase tourist spending within its borders.

Existing Visa Options for Indian Visitors

Prior to this policy, Indian citizens could obtain a visa-on-arrival in Malaysia under certain conditions, such as arriving from specific neighboring countries and having confirmed return tickets. In addition, Malaysia offers a range of visa options for Indian visitors, including the eNTRI Visa, E-Visa, and Transit Pass, each serving different travel purposes and durations of stay.