Wife of Ukraine's Intelligence Chief Diagnosed with Heavy Metal Poisoning - Reports

Rizwan Shah
New Update
Wife of Ukraine's Intelligence Chief Diagnosed with Heavy Metal Poisoning

Marianna Budanova, wife to Kyrylo Budanov - the head of Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR), has been diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning, according to several Ukrainian media outlets. Sources indicate that the substances found in Budanova's body are not typically used in daily life or military operations, suggesting a possible targeted poisoning attempt.


Intelligence Chief's Wife Hospitalized

Budanova is currently under medical care, following a period of deteriorating health. The treatment is nearing its completion, with further observation by doctors planned to ensure her full recovery. The exact nature of the heavy metals causing the poisoning has not been publicly disclosed, but the seriousness of her condition has raised concerns.

Other GUR Officials Show Symptoms


Reports suggest that several other GUR employees also displayed milder symptoms of poisoning. However, Kyrylo Budanov, who has been instrumental in planning and executing significant military operations against Russian forces, has not been affected and is in good health, as confirmed by the intelligence services.

Implications of the Poisoning

If confirmed as a deliberate act, this incident would represent the most severe targeting of a high-profile Ukrainian leader's family member amid the ongoing 21-month conflict. The implications of such an act could potentially escalate tensions and further complicate the geopolitical landscape.