Swedish Youth Lured into Pyramid Scheme-like Operations

Waqas Arain
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Swedish Youth Lured into Pyramid Scheme-like Operations: A Sydsvenskan Exposé

An exposé in Swedish newspaper, Sydsvenskan, has revealed a troubling trend targeting youth in Malmö. The report uncovers a recruitment meeting where young people are enticed with the promise of wealth by dropping out of school and purchasing expensive trading courses. These meetings, suspected of being akin to pyramid schemes, are orchestrated by social media influencers who flaunt images of an opulent lifestyle to attract participants.


Unveiling the Deceptive Strategy

The Sydsvenskan article gives an in-depth look into how social media influencers lure hundreds of youngsters with the promise of quick riches through dropping out of school and buying expensive trading courses. The newspaper attended a recruitment meeting in Malmö along with a hundred young people, shedding light on the disturbing trend.

A Suspected Pyramid Scheme


The article raises concerns about the proliferation of pyramid-scheme-like businesses among young people. Drawing attention to their operations, the report voices caution over an emphasis on recruitment rather than the products or services offered. This warning resonates deeply with the experiences of those who have fallen victim to such schemes.

False Promises and Exploitation

The recruitment meeting presents the concept to the youth, while influencers share their experiences and successes. It's a setup that risks misleading and exploiting young individuals, who may be drawn in by the allure of easy money without understanding the underlying risks. This is a stark reminder of the need for financial literacy and critical thinking among our youth.

Quoting Mohammed Salih, who became a millionaire in the stock market before turning 30, the article warns of the potential dangers these schemes pose. His advice is a sobering reminder of the reality behind the glamorous façade: concentrate more on the product than the recruitment.