Pakistani Police Arrest Four in Honor Killing Case, Including Father Who Killed Daughter Over Social Media Photo

Nitish Verma
New Update
Honor Killing in Pakistan Sparks Outrage and Calls for Justice

In a chilling incident in the Kolai-Palas valley near the Afghan border in Pakistan, an 18-year-old woman's life was abruptly ended by her father in an act being described as an 'honor killing.' The murder followed a photograph of the young woman appearing on social media, leading to a grim council with family elders that resulted in the tragic end of a life barely begun.


An Act of Brutality

Reportedly, Arslan Mohsin, the victim's father, took it upon himself to execute the act following counsel from family elders. This act of brutality has led to the arrest of Mohsin and three other relatives who now face the full force of legal proceedings. The case has thrown into sharp relief the alarming regularity of honor killings in Pakistan, particularly in the conservative rural areas.

A Legacy of Violence


Hundreds of cases like this occur annually in Pakistan, the perpetrators often defending their actions as a means of upholding family honor. The latest incident has ignited a fierce debate on the pervasiveness of such practices and the seemingly insurmountable challenge of eliminating them.

Calling for Justice

Pakistani lawmakers and rights groups like Amnesty International have responded with calls for severe punishment for perpetrators of honor killings. The rights group has also emphasized the urgent need for the Pakistani government to take more decisive measures to protect survivors of such incidents and ensure a fair trial for the accused. Amnesty International, however, has cautioned against the use of the death penalty in such cases.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address deeply ingrained societal issues and the fight for women's rights in conservative societies worldwide.