Oil Theft Strikes Again in Bin Qasim: PARCO Reports Another Incident, Investigations Underway

Recent incidents of oil theft from government pipelines in Karachi's Bin Qasim and Steel Town areas have raised concerns about the security of petroleum resources. Investigations are ongoing.

Mazhar Abbas
New Update
Oil Theft from Government Pipeline Raises Security Concerns

In a recent development from Karachi's Bin Qasim area, the Pak-Arab Refinery Company (PARCO) has lodged a police complaint revealing a case of oil theft from a government pipeline. A formal case has been registered against three individuals, namely Abdul Wahab, Javed, and Hasan Jatoi, who are alleged to have stolen oil from PARCO's petroleum line. The incident, while not a first of its kind, has raised concerns about the security of the country's petroleum resources.


The Intricacies of the Theft

According to the First Information Report (FIR), the accused Javed and Hasan had rented a warehouse in the vicinity. It is suspected that they clipped the petroleum pipeline to siphon off diesel. However, no arrests have been made so far. This incident isn't an outlier, as similar instances of oil theft were recorded in the previous year. Despite ongoing investigations, the main perpetrator remains at large.

Oil Theft: A Widespread Issue


Simultaneously, another attempt to steal oil has surfaced in the Steel Town area. A case has been registered at the Steel Town police station against an unidentified individual. This further underscores the gravity and extent of oil theft issues, pointing to a larger, systemic problem that requires immediate attention.

Investigations Underway

Investigations into these thefts are in progress, with law enforcement agencies striving to apprehend the culprits. The incidents have prompted a reassessment of the security protocols surrounding the country's oil pipelines, urging measures to prevent future thefts. The authorities are also making efforts to enhance surveillance systems to deter future crimes of this nature.