Fentanyl-Linked Infant Death at Bronx Day Care: Fourth Suspect Arrested in Mexico

Nimrah Khatoon
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Manhunt Ends in Mexico


In connection with the fentanyl-related death of an infant at a Bronx day care, a fourth suspect, Felix Herrera-Garcia, was arrested in Mexico after being on the run for more than a week. The suspect was last seen departing the Divino Nino Day Care on September 15, soon after the infants inside were exposed to the potent synthetic opioid, fentanyl.

Herrera-Garcia's wife, Grei Mendez, is alleged to have called him before alerting emergency services as the babies began showing symptoms of an overdose. Unfortunately, one-year-old Nicholas Dominici succumbed to an overdose, while three other babies were hospitalized. Alongside Mendez, Herrera-Garcia's cousin, Carlisto Acevedo Brito, and alleged associate, Renny Paredes, have also been taken into custody.

A Day Care or a Drug Den?


According to federal authorities, the four suspects are believed to have been operating a drug ring out of the day care. An extensive amount of narcotics were found concealed beneath the floorboards. Ray Donovan, a retired Drug Enforcement Administration official, noted that such significant quantities of drugs suggest a large-scale distribution network with ties to Mexico.

Herrera-Garcia was detained while en route to Culiacan, a city known as a hub for the Sinaloa cartel, the largest fentanyl producer and trafficker to the U.S. Donovan suggested that Herrera-Garcia was probably seeking protection there. The arrest was a collaborative effort between U.S. and Mexican authorities, and the extradition process is now underway.

Unfolding of the Tragic Incident


On September 15, emergency services were called to the day care centre as the infants began showing signs of a drug overdose. First responders found an 8-month-old girl and two boys, aged 1 and 2, unconscious. All three were administered Naloxone, a medication used to block the effects of opioids, especially during an overdose. While two of the children recovered, one-year-old Nicholas Dominici tragically died in hospital. Another 2-year-old boy from the day care was hospitalized after his mother noticed he was lethargic and unresponsive. He too recovered after being administered Naloxone.

A search of the day care center revealed a kilogram of fentanyl on top of play mats in a closet and drug paraphernalia hidden inside the floor where the children played. These shocking findings led to the arrests of Mendez and Acevedo Brito who lived in the apartment where the day care was operating. They were charged with murder of depraved indifference and are being held without bail. They also face federal charges including conspiracy and narcotics possession with intent to distribute resulting in death.

Unresolved Questions and the Road Ahead

The incident has sparked public outcry and raised multiple questions about the safety and regulation of day care centers. Given that the day care had passed three routine checks by the Department of Health, the case has shed light on the need for stricter oversight and more frequent inspections of such facilities.

While the arrest of the fourth suspect brings some closure to this tragic case, it also underlines the vast and dangerous network of illicit drug trafficking that can infiltrate even seemingly safe spaces like day care centers. As investigations continue and the suspects await trial, the incident serves as a sobering reminder of the far-reaching impacts of the opioid crisis and the urgent need to combat it.