Tragic Shark Attack Claims Life, Prompts Urgent Beach Closures

María Alejandra Trujillo
New Update
Fatal Shark Attack Prompts Closure of Bay of Melaque in Cihuatlán, Jalisco

A fatal shark attack on a woman at a tourist beach in Cihuatlán, Jalisco, has led to the closure of access to the Bay of Melaque by the Jalisco State Civil Protection and Fire Department. The incident took place on Saturday morning as the victim struggled to get out of the water near the Water Park. Despite rescue attempts by bystanders, captured in a video circulating on social media, the woman succumbed to her severe injuries. In response, purple flags have been hoisted along the coast to warn tourists and residents of the danger, and awareness campaigns have been launched. A ban on entering the sea and engaging in water activities in the area has been imposed, and people are urged to respect the restrictions and heed the purple flag signaling harmful fauna.


Sudden Attack Turns Fatal

María Fernanda Martínez Jiménez, 26, was enjoying a swim with her 5-year-old daughter at a coastal aquatic park in Melaque when she was bitten on her upper leg. The attack, which took place around 11 a.m., resulted in her immediate death. This sudden turn of events led to the closure of beaches in Melaque and the nearby town of Barra de Navidad.

Precautionary Measures


Following the tragedy, the authorities acted swiftly, shutting down the beaches in Melaque and Barra de Navidad as a safety precaution. The shocking aftermath of the shark attack was caught on video, further reinforcing the need for immediate action. This incident marks a rare occurrence of a fatal shark attack in the region.

Public Safety and Awareness

In addition to the closure of the beaches, public awareness campaigns have been initiated to educate both tourists and local residents about the potential dangers of marine life. Purple flags, indicating the presence of harmful fauna, have been raised along the coast. The public is strongly urged to respect these warnings and adhere to the imposed restrictions to prevent further incidents.