Netflix's Hidden Gem 'Strong Girl Nam-Soon' Tops 'The Crown' in Ratings

Quadri Adejumo
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Underrated Netflix Series Surpasses Acclaimed Shows in IMDb Ratings

It's not every day that an underrated series on Netflix outshines acclaimed shows like 'The Crown,' 'Happy Valley,' and 'Twin Peaks' on IMDb ratings. One such series, a hidden gem in the colossal library of the streaming platform, has been earning rave reviews from subscribers, becoming a talking point among fans of the thriller genre. The name of this series remains a mystery in the provided content, but its high rating indicates a strong resonance with audiences, making it a noteworthy contender in the realm of thriller and drama series.


While the high-rating series remains unidentified, the article further delves into the versatile acting abilities of Song Kang, particularly beyond his role in 'My Demon.' The South Korean actor has been making waves in the K-drama world, captivating audiences with his performances in 'Love Alarm,' 'Sweet Home,' 'Navillera,' 'Nevertheless,' and 'Forecasting Love and Weather.' The popularity of these K-dramas underscores Song Kang's talent, adding another layer to the intrigue of the yet-to-be-named high-rating series.

'Strong Girl Nam-Soon': A Blend of Comedy and Thriller

Another series deserving of attention is 'Strong Girl Nam-Soon.' The series features Gang Nam Soon, a woman blessed with superhuman strength, who arrives in Gangnam, Seoul, to find her parents.


The plot thickens when a drug case emerges in Gangnam, prompting Detective Kang Hee Sik to collaborate with Gang Nam Soon, her mother, and grandmother. The drama is characterized as a light-hearted romp with comedic moments, blended seamlessly with engaging characters, adding to the rich tapestry of shows available on Netflix.

Viewer Feedback

Every show's success hinges on the reception it receives from its viewers. The article includes comments from viewers, offering further insight into their experiences and opinions on 'Strong Girl Nam-Soon.'

Their feedback, along with the high IMDb rating of the undisclosed series, points to a thriving ecosystem of diverse and engaging content on Netflix, continually shaping the narrative of the streaming platform's success.