Exciting New Details Revealed for Path of Exile 2: Mercenary Class and Affliction Expansion

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Beyond the Mercenary class and 'Affliction' expansion, Path of Exile 2 is set to redefine the action RPG genre.

Shaking the gaming world, Grinding Gear Games unveiled riveting details about the much-anticipated Path of Exile 2 during a live broadcast on November 30th. Among the revelations was the introduction of a new game expansion dubbed 'Affliction' and the introduction of an innovative gameplay class, the Mercenary.


The Mercenary Class: A Van Helsing on Steroids

Resonating with fans of ranged attacks, the Mercenary class is designed for dynamic combat, allowing players to swiftly shift between crossbows and various ammunition types to unleash devastating combos on adversaries. This class, likened to a Van Helsing on steroids, also introduces a novel control scheme where players can use the WASD keys, typically reserved for first-person shooters, to manoeuvre the battlefield.

Affliction Expansion: A Dark Adventure Awaits


Slated to begin on December 8th for PC and Mac players, and on December 13th for PlayStation and Xbox platforms, the 'Affliction' expansion brings a thrilling challenge. Players will navigate dark paths to the Viridian Wild Forest, guided by Holy Spirits, to combat a mysterious threat plaguing the forest with an ominous darkness. The expansion also introduces three new Ascended classes, providing a deeper character customisation experience.

Path of Exile 2: A Fresh Take on the RPG Genre

Beyond the Mercenary class and 'Affliction' expansion, Path of Exile 2 is set to redefine the action RPG genre. With its own seasonal updates, a new seven-act storyline, an upgraded skill gem system, an Ascendency class, and overhauled graphics, the game is carving its own path. The game is expected to launch with 12 unique classes, and a closed beta testing is scheduled for June 7, 2024. While the final release date remains unknown, speculation points to a winter release in the following year.

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